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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have Had That Margarita

Sep 7, 2010

Sooooo I wrote this last week and took it down the next morning because I realized I sounded like a lush.  To be clear, I am not a lush.  I just happened to go overboard the other night.  This doesn't happen often (except when I'm going through a break-up with a younger guy, apparently).

I felt I should re-post because a fellow blogger, who lives in Korea and therefore read this post when it was up for a few hours in the middle of Eastern Standard Time night, recently wrote that this post inspired him (that makes me so sad, but I also really like the attention).  So save your judgment and enjoy.


1) You already had a Paparazzi (complete with pop rocks covered chocolate) and a free glass of Proseco at Co Co. Sala.

2) There are enough crazies at the Lady Gaga concert without you running amok around Chinatown.

3) You hit on the security guard on the way into Rosa Mexicano.

4) Didn't you just take a vow to quit drinking so you wouldn't feel sad about Cute Boy?  (Well, he is officially out of the country, and he didn't know what "My So-Called Life" was, so I think I'm over it.)

5) You tell the people sitting next to you their food looks really good and stare at it and them until they offer their leftovers to you. And you take them.

6) You complain to your server that your margarita isn't frozen anymore and request a new one that's slushier. (Hey, just being economical.)

7) You offer to dance for the restaurant patrons if they play "Bad Romance" instead of the Spanish guitar music.

8) You rock the Forever 21 dress you paid $13.50 for earlier this summer and forgot to ever wear.  (P.S. You are too old to wear something that short and clingy.) 

9) You hit on the security guard on the way out of Rosa Mexicano

10) It's Tuesday night, for goodness sake.

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