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Apparently Blogging = Free Stuff

Jun 12, 2010

It's been quite a week for me as a blogger.  I got three blog invitations: 1) to try out a new drink and blog about it; 2) to take dance classes and blog about it; and the most exciting, 3) a dinner at Silver Diner

Since I haven't done the first two, I'll just tell you about my delicious dinner.  I'd eaten at Silver Diner once with a friend and her two little boys.  I got the Crab Benedict which a) seemed odd in a diner and b) got me addicted to Crab Benedict.  I had no idea that Silver Diner doesn't serve traditional diner food but uses local, farm fresh ingredients, including grass-fed animals (that means no antibiotics or hormones, which sounds extra healthy).  I showed up late because it was in Clarendon (Orange line...sooooo far away) and I didn't even consider they might have parking (an entire lot!).  Travel time = forever.  Since I usually only leave DC for work, this was a stretch for me, but well worth it. (READ: Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches.)

K, my new bff whom I met on Twitter (more to come on that later), was there too and she had saved me a seat.  When I walked in, the owner, Bob, was talking, and another girl was sitting in the booth with K, but there was room for me. 

"Excuse me," I whispered to the girl, pointing to the spot between them.  "Could I sit there?"

"Oh sure," she said, scooting toward K.

"Sorry, I meant can I sit beside her?" I still whispered, pointing at K this time.  "She's my friend.  Sorry." 

That's when I noticed the girl, who we'll call "Crunchy," (just trust me on this one) (as Margaret reads this she is mentally adding "Granola" onto the girl's nickname), was way preggers.  She looked at me like ARE YOU FOR REAL? and said, "Okay. Fine. Whatever!"

Did I mention she wasn't whispering and Bob was standing right beside us?  Geez, Crunchy, get a grip.  I wondered if I should excuse it because she was pregnant, but no, I think that's just her personality.

Once I squeezed in I whispered -- 'cause that's what you do when someone else is talking -- to K, "I don't think she likes me."

"I don't think it's you," K answered with a smile.

I was starving (1.5 liters of water and cherries have been my afternoon snack lately -- that only works till about 5 p.m.) so when I saw crab dip on the table I considered dumping the whole thing on my plate and sneering "MINE!" to anyone who dared touch it.  Half the dish later I was feeling less insane and more excited about what else they were going to let us sample.  (Oh yes, it was all free.  I'm kind of a big deal, you know.)

The chef, Ype, came out and told us what was in the food we'd be eating: fresh blueberries, crab caught yesterday, dandelions...DANDELIONS?  Okay but let me tell you, dandelions and arugula plus whatever else he put in that salad was Amazing!  And don't get me started on the soft shell crab, my first time ever eating it.  I woke up this morning thinking about it.  It was THAT GOOD.

After several bloggers took pictures of everything I was first in line to fill up my plate.  Back at our table Bob was waiting for us. 

"What is your blog?" he asked me.

"Cupcakes and Shoes," I said sheepishly.  Suddenly I felt very silly and hoped he wasn't suspicious as to why I was stuffing my face at his event.  There were some serious food bloggers there -- like, they make money off their blogs.  But he talked to me about cupcakes and asked for my recommendation (Lavender Moon, of course). 

Then he asked Crunchy about her blog.

"I write about children's nutrition and mothers advocating gluten-free blah blah blah blah I'm boring and annoying but I think I'm cute and smart."

(For the record, I think it's great she blogs about important issues, but my goodness was she on her high horse about it.)

"Really?" Bob said. "I may have a job opportunity for you then!  We need someone to write about..."

"Oh no," she shook her head.  "I can't take on work, I'm having a baby!"

"But you can do it from home and it won't take too much time..."

Crunchy smiled condescendingly as if to say, "Oh Bob, what could you possibly know about being a mother?"

"If only I didn't have a 4-year-old," she said, touching her belly with both hands.

(For the record No. 2, I don't have kids, I don't know what it's like to balance that with any kind of career, but I do have friends who have kids and still freelance write, so...)

"I know someone who might be interested," another blogger piped up. 

"Really?  Great!" Bob said.

Crunchy's eyes got big with panic.

"Well I might be able to do it," she jumped in, cutting off the other blogger, right as that blogger began telling Bob of her friend.

It was at this point I stopped paying attention to the conversation and began to wonder, who would do it with this woman, TWICE?  And when he did it, did she chirp at him the whole time?  "Move to the left, dear.  Oh fine, whatever, have it your way.  At least I'm smart!"

Then I glanced at her left hand.  No ring.  Hmm, artificial insemination?  I knew a guy in college who "deposited" at a sperm bank to pay his tuition.  He wasn't allowed to "deposit" anywhere else between appointments.  "Rolling Stone" wrote an article about him.  He eventually quit his job to marry his therapist.  He took her last name.  Ahh.  Memories.

(Sorry Mother.  Unfollow me if you must.)

But back to the Crunchy Pregnancy Mystery.  Oh who cares, I got to eat free crab!

(For the record No. 3, I've never been pregnant, but I think if I were pregnant and getting free crab I'd be elated and not snapping at everyone.  On the other hand, if I felt people were eating the crab that I could be eating, I might bite all of their heads off.  Touche, Crunchy.  Touche.)

After dinner K and I went to the bathroom.

"Isn't it annoying that..." she started, and I was expecting her to talk about Crunchy, but she didn't.  I agreed this other thing was annoying and we chattered about it until we were washing our hands...and then Crunchy stepped out of a stall.  We waited for her to leave then K laughed, "That could have been SO BAD!"  We were both totally thinking the same thing.

Wait, are we Mean GirlsOh to have Tina Fey as a teacher, it would be worth it. 

(Speaking of Tina Fey, I met Jonathan, Jack's assistant from "30 Rock," at Jazz in the Sculpture Garden with K and Margaret the next night!)


  1. Okay, this is Mother. You really got me........knew I would read that and start rolling my eyes!!!!!! clever......but really, Mep.....really. And for the record, I told you how great soft shell crabs were.....the best I ever had were at a hole in the wall south of Charleston on the way to Savannah at a small fish market called "Crabs" in Red Top, SC. They were still alive in the case; you chose the ones you wanted and they fried them up right there in front of were scrumptous! The-best-I-ever-ate! Anyway, hope it pans out for you. I guess this guy was looking for a blogger.....?

  2. Does reading and posting on your blog get me free things, too?
    There's a Silver Diner very close to me in Springfield. Every time I drive by it I make a mental note to go try it out. Once I received coupons in the mail, but I, like an idiot, let them expire. So you've inspired me to get off my ass and go try it out! Blogger success!
    And the pregnant girl might not have been wearing a wedding ring because her fingers were swollen. But, it's cool if she's not married. That's how America rolls these days.

  3. Haha, good food and good entertainment!