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February was Canned Food Month...but we don't care!

Mar 6, 2010

The next few posts will be a little different.  Last week I made meatloaf for some friends, and I needed bread crumbs.  I knew we had bread crumbs, but our teeny cabinets are horribly unorganized and a major pain to dig through, so I didn't bother actually looking to find what I needed.  It was much easier to go out and spend $2.99 on a new bag. 

When Margaret found out, she laughed at me.  "You know we have two other bags of bread crumbs." 

That's when she came up with the idea for a two-week challenge to find out what else was hiding in the cabinets.  For two weeks we can't buy any food except fresh fruits and vegetables.  We must survive solely off of what we have in the apartment.  Not only will this clean out our cabinets, which is MUCH needed, but we will save money and push ourselves creatively.  We are allowed to go out to dinner and working lunches if need be (I have one of those planned next Tuesday), but otherwise we must bring our breakfast and lunch to work and eat whatever we can scrounge up for dinner. 

Look for my blog posts on our little culinary adventure -- they should be interesting and may even suppress your appetite!  I know I'm not looking forward to canned beans and corn for the next two weeks.  Hmm, I wonder how much weight I'll lose?


  1. I could never do this because there is never anything in my cabinets. You are my inspiration to fill my cabinets while you empty yours. Ironic. Enjoy the bread crumbs!

  2. And I've been thinking all day about what I'm going to get for lunch on Tuesday. I can't ruin the diet! Sushi? hm.....

  3. The Washington Post does an "Eating Down the Fridge" challenge once a year, I think. I remember reading all about the things people would make as they made their way through the backs of the cabinets and fridge. I think it's a great idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I'm going to do a slightly different version of this. Mostly because most of my pantry is filled with things that I'm missing one ingredient to make. So I'm allowed to buy that ingredient. Milk for example. B

    UT I'm only allowed to buy things that will be used with something I already have ... buying eggs because I want scrambled eggs and have already used them all does not count!

    Lunch though, is going to be fair game. Closing the office is a bit of a nightmare, and I'm not sure we'll even have a fridge here tomorrow.

    We'll see if I impose this on Jon this weekend...