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Don't cry -- buy a bag and get over it! (And if that doesn't work eat a cupcake.)

Mar 23, 2010

Welcome to Day 2 of Mary El's unemployment.  Really it's Day 7, but I considered last week a vacation, so this is officially Day 2.  I spent a lovely week in Atlanta watching the trees bloom and smelling all the daffodils (my favorite spring flower), and then I cried all day Sunday.  The crying wasn't unemployment related, but not having a job to go to the next day didn't exactly quell my depression.  Oh, and my flight home was delayed almost three hours, so I got in around 1:30 a.m.  And my bed was wet because the people above me keep messing with their hot water heater and it explodes and I get to deal with it. (This is the second time this has happened.) 

So yesterday morning, when my puffy eyes finally opened and I got my clammy body out of my damp sheets, I did what any girl on the brink of losing her mind would do -- I went shopping!

It started off as a harmless trip to Target.  I had seen this lamp in Atlanta and wanted it for my apartment.  It costs $29.99, exactly the amount of credit I had on a little gift card, so I wasn't actually spending money.  I took only two shopping bags with me to make sure I was limited in purchases, just in case.

But when I walked in to the shopping center at Columbia Heights, I remembered a Marshall's was on the first floor.  My mind raced -- What do I need at Marshall's?  Something...something...a new journal?  That'll do!  I walked over and began browsing. 

A new suit?  No, I just bought a new suit.  Point 1 for Practical Me!

Baby clothes!  Oh yeah, Joy just had a baby girl.  She needs at least two outfits from me for sure.

Ooh, votive candles, those are always necessary.

And then, I saw this:

DKNY watermelon leather satchel

(Obviously I bought it because it's hanging in my closet with my other bags.) 

Okay, but before you judge me, check this out:

Original price

My price

I couldn't find a journal, but hey, I saved five bucks!

Oh, the Target lamp.  They were out.  So I have to go back today.  And, um, I spent my $30 credit.  And some more.  (I'll take some of the stuff back when I get the lamp.)

Anyway, Sarah bought a gorgeous Coach bag  that she got an amazing deal on during her first week of unemployment, so I figure this is all part of the process.  (What is "the process" you ask?  Not sure, but I'll let you know when I find out what I'm talking about.)

Last night at 3:48 a.m. I woke up to bed wetness again.  Ceiling leaking.  Again. 

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 11:30 the next morning, and my lovely roommate had left me breakfast:

(The keys are for our neighbor's apartment since we are dogsitting Bailey.)  (And yes, I said breakfast.)

Bailey Boy!

So today I will launder all my bedding -- again --, eat another cupcake because it's 2 p.m. now and I'm feeling hungry, go see if my lamp came in, watch "New Moon" because I still haven't seen it (stupid swine flu), and possibly start training for a 5K. 'Cause I'm gonna need to burn these extra cupcake calories.


  1. And I'm doing the Walk to Run program with my Nike+. I love how my iPod tracks my walks/runs and then uploads them to my online Nike+ account.

  2. I hope to see you soon. Can't imagine unemployment will last that long!