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UPDATED: Canned Food Challenge: Photos

Mar 9, 2010

Last night I went ahead and cleaned out our cabinets to see just exactly what we have -- and find the alleged two bags of bread crumbs.  (Note: This is just what we found in the cabinets.  The fridge and freezer are a WHOLE other beast.)  This is what I found:

Because you can never have too many jars of fancy mustard.

HA!  Margaret was wrong!  We have FOUR bags/cans of bread crumbs!  Oh.

That's three rows of canned fruit.  I think we're covered.

And just in case swine flu returns, there's enough soup there for the full 7-day quarantine.

Popcorn!  Cheese Sticks!  Pringles!  Goldfish!  I think we're gonna be okay.

That's enough pasta, rice, etc., to start our own Ethiopian restaurant.  (There's more off to the side.)

UPDATE:  I forgot about these photos, VERY important.

Emergency Cupcake!!!

FAIL. (I promptly ate it anyway.)


  1. You must have a lot of cabinet space because that's a lot of food. And how could you mis-place four cans of bread crumbs? I don't think we could do the eating down the pantry challenge very long because we are really limited in our cabinet space. There might be some things we don't notice, but not at this level. Wow. You won't have a tough time with this one!

  2. Why the emergency cupcake? Totally worth it though. I mean, hello?!

  3. The emergency cupcake photo cracked me up!

  4. Lol. You could send that to "fail blog."

  5. Where do you put so much food! I have to see this apartment. And how old was that cupcake?