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Canned Food Challenge: Days 6 & 7 (BINGE)

Mar 14, 2010

So apparently when two city girls are forced to only eat what is in their apartment for a week, this happens:



Saving money?  FAIL.

Oh, and the funniest part, we didn't know what the other was doing all day. 

Wanna see what we got?!! :)

This dress inspired me to make lilac my color for this season.

Gorgeous Ann Taylor cardi with taupe pencil skirt

Another gorgeous cardi

Essential Banana Republic suit made of Italian Fabric (that's what the tag reads) -- pants are a little tight but they will be my "goal" pants.

New  black flats!!!

Adorable cotton dress with pockets and green shrug (Tried on a similar one at Ann Taylor Loft for $90 that made me look like a cream puff.  This one from Old Navy was only $30.)

Summer dresses, flip flops (on which I plan to glue or pin some sort of embellishment) and skinny metallic bow belt (coudn't find one anywhere until Old Navy on sale for $10! Rock!)

Another cardi.  Can't have too many, right?

Margaret's finds, including the cutest trench I've ever seen (for $60 at Nordstrom Rack!)

Noli barking at all the bags.

Don't ask me how much I spent.  Sudden unemployment thrust me into a shopping haze and I didn't look at price tags, I just swiped that pretty plastic.  I've already got my "take back" pile ready, don't worry.  I feel like my purchases are justified because I have lost weight and all my pants are giving me serious saggy butt, so I needed a new suit (check).  Plus I threw out my all-time favorite black flats on Friday when I was cleaning out my desk, so I needed to replace them (check).  Plus Ann Taylor Loft was have a 30% off the entire store sale and Margaret and I had both seen this peach sweater we loved and I had to have it for spring (check)!  Then I realized I needed a skinny metallic belt to go with it (check).  And that outfit looked so cute I figured I should just get a few other spring things (check).  
I found a jar of Nutella stuck behind some coffee in another cabinet, so I ate that on some toast for breakfast yesterday. The commercials say it's nutritious!

Also, I ate Subway on Friday.  But Margaret had brunch, lunch, and dinner out on Saturday!  And we both ate out for lunch today.  And I'm probably getting dessert with my house guests later. 

Speaking of eating out, Wendy's has a new fish fillet.  I hate fish fillets, but they suddenly sound amazing. 

Week one of the challenge is coming to an end, and I fear we have barely dented our store of packaged goods.  Not really sure if I can afford another week of this.


  1. I think you can afford to do another week of the eating down the pantry if you're able to buy clothes like that!! Nice shopping trip. Super jealous!

  2. Nutella never survives more than a few days in my apartment!

  3. Heeeeeeeeeey that suit looks familiar!

    My new one is the exact same one (plus the skirt!) in "taupe". Did Margaret tell you?

    Hooray shopping goodness!

  4. Love the shoes. Cannot wait to see the others in person!

  5. One word to describe your week...Fail!