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Canned Food Challenge: Day 5 (Food Hoarder Extraordinaire)

Mar 12, 2010

Last night's dinner:

Chicken Divan was a hit! Only fresh ingredient - chicken.  Well, the broccoli was fresh, but Margaret had already bought it.  Everything else was found in the cabinets.

Also, we have fabulous friends.
For Margaret & Mary El -- how cute!  Thanks Priscilla!

Yum!  (For tomorrow.)

And now for some sad news.  I found out yesterday funding for my contract ran out, so it's possible I'm out of a job as of Tuesday.  For at least two weeks I'll be on unpaid leave.  So I'm taking advantage of the situation and taking a little "vacation" to Atlanta to see the fam and watch the azaleas bloom.  This cuts into the challenge, and that's unfortunate because we have a long way to go before we get through our cabinets!  But honestly I have been eating way too much and I'm kind of relieved for a break from that, especially since I just bought three new dresses from The Limited (Swept Away, Chambray Bateau, and Tunnel Belt Shirtdress) in size 8 (in good faith that I will fit into them by spring). 

But until then, the challenge is still on.  I brought more of that Panang curry chicken for lunch, along with a pear.  Fridays our building has free breakfast, so I got a beloved bagel (although they only had poppy seed and plain, and obviously I got a plain because who wants to arrive to work with poppy seeds in their teeth?) and slathered on some butter (it's better than cream cheese). 

Update from Margaret (NOTE: She went to work before I woke up at 6 a.m. so she could get off early today.  CaaaaaRAZy!)

Since I left so early, I was going to give into temptation and just buy breakfast.  Corner Bakery Chilled Swiss Oatmeal was worth the pain of extending one more day.  :)  Then I realized I had packets of oatmeal I had forgotten about in the bottom of my desk drawer, so I cut up and apple and banana to supplement and had that for breakfast!  I did go and get a Starbucks coffee because I am in a serious caffeine emergency.

Lunch: Leftover chicken divan, carrot sticks, granola bar (I will find out if it's the Kashi -- I am making her get rid of those.)

Dinner: Something from the house?  Not sure yet.

Food items found while cleaning out my desk:

100 Calorie Smart Pop (only one bag used), Ziploc bag of dried mangoes (have been in there at least 3 months), 4 Granny Smith applesauces (yummy and healthy!), Australian licorice - "Best Before 28 Feb 09", dried apricots (expired last summer), three packets of oatmeal, half a bag of sugar free Lifesavers butter toffee (serving size is FIVE! only 45 calories! perfect after-lunch treat), sour Jelly Bellies, 6 lychee gummies, container of prunes, can of mini Snickerdoodles (only 4 left), 2 fun size bags of Cheez-Its (might as well throw those out), Tupperware container with tea cookies (who knows how long those have been there), one oatmeal cream pie, 2 Kashi granola bars (huh, mine weren't that bad), 2  Quaker chewy granolas (dark cherry chocolate, yum!), half a box of Reese's pieces (how did I forget those were in there?), one Biscoff cookie from Delta (that's going in the trash for sure), honey roasted almonds, wasabi soy almonds, box of holiday chocolate cookies, sesame cashews, ARE YOU STILL READING?, maple candy, maple lollipop, Skittles, pistachio crackers, various herbal, black, and white teas, Williams Sonoma peppermint bark, hot chocolate, Butterfield's Cherry Buds, green Tabasco sauce, OMG the suitcase I brought to take everything home is already filled up, what am I going to do?

Oh, did I mention we are going to have FIVE house guests this weekend?  Silvia is coming over, and I have a friend and some of her friends coming today for a convention.  PRO: More of our food will get eaten.  CON: I don't know where they're going to sleep.  (I remembered this morning that they were coming, yikes!)


  1. You had enough food in your desk to feed a small country... where did you keep the important things? Wow! How big is your desk? Let your guests this weekend eat the snacks you had in your desk - should make a pretty party tray!

    Please tell Margaret to get rid of the Kashi bars... I'm still thinking about her breaking the stale one all over herself!

    Enjoy the cupcakes!! :)

  2. Looks like I need to make a visit to the Limited.
    Hope your time off is only two weeks. Hope I'm able to work with you SOON!

  3. I can't believe you threw out a Biscoff cookie from Delta. Those are the BEST!