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Canned Food Challenge: Day 4 (Attack of the hot dogs...and cupcakes)

Mar 11, 2010

Wednesday, 8:19 p.m.: Temptation is coming at me from every angle.  Sarah wrote me an email earlier telling me about the new bangles she bought and all I saw was "BAGELS."  Not only that, but I got really excited thinking about bagels and was actually disappointed when I correctly read about the great accessories she found.  Then I got this in my inbox at work:

Seriously?  Is this a joke?  That evil, patriotic hot dog is taunting me, just look at him.  Ha Ha! You can't buy me!  I shall dance in front of your face and taunt you with my deliciousness!

In other news, since all of your lovely comments, we have decided to have the dinner tomorrow night.  Margaret is out as we speak buying chicken (fresh meat! hooray!), and she will use broccoli she already has and...get ready...BREAD CRUMBS!!!  The one ingredient she was afraid she'd have to go buy was two cans of cream of chicken soup.  Upon inspection of our stash, we had exactly two cans of cream of chicken soup.  Not really sure why.

Since we're having guests I'm spending the evening clearing off our counters and organizing this madness, as well as boiling my two chicken breasts to make Panang curry chicken with coconut milk, red peppers, and broccoli for lunch tomorrow.  Ate some of the split pea poop soup for a snack before working out, and now I'm hungry again.  Crab cake here I come!


Still reeling from the hot dog email, this morning I came to work with a bad attitude.  For lunch I brought my delicious Panang curry yet felt unsatisfied.

I checked my email, and what I saw changed my life:


Over by the water cooler...knock yourself out.



Before bothering to look at any other emails, I popped out of my chair and walked, well, skipped maybe, over to the water cooler.  Sitting on a nearby table with rays of heavenly fluorescent light shining down upon them were two boxes of a dozen cupcakes each -- but not just any cupcakes, BUZZ cupcakes.  I almost couldn't believe my eyes!  I opened the first box -- dark chocolate on chocolate, Guinness, and bacon cupcakes.  BACON CUPCAKES!!!  I opened the second box.  Red velvet with chocolate shavings and six whole Buzz originals, my favorite!  I only took a Buzz, but I am going back in 9 minutes (that will have been an hour) for seconds. 

Oh you betcha I'm gaining weight on this "diet."  I'm turning into a hoarder, food style.

Cupcake Update:

I just went back for another cupcake.  They were all gone but the Guinness ones.  I shoulda nabbed a bacon cupcake when I had the chance!


Update from Margaret:

Brought chicken divan for lunch -- a sampling of the dinner I made for tonight (2 CANS of cream of chicken soup!!!).  Also brought carrot sticks and a nasty Kashi granola bar for later as a snack.

Yesterday I opened up the box of Kashi granola bars and found that I had broken off half of one and left the other half in the wrapper, so in my "Soldiers-are-dodging-IEDs-I-can-eat-an-old-Kashi-bar" style I just grabbed it and ran out the door.  After eating my soup, I went to break off part of the Kashi bar, and it was so hard that it went flying everywhere -- Kashi crumbs were all over my lap, on the floor, in my chair.  I just sat there frozen for a minute and then quickly started picking up crumbs before anyone came by and realized how un-classy I really am...

What are you doing Friday?  Do you want to check out a jazz club on U St?  Or we could go to Sala Thai and and eat din din at home then go there for tea and coconut rice.  (And then extend one day to our canned food time?)

Is it worth it?  I mean, if we go out we have to order something, right?

UPDATE: 1:54 p.m.

Subject: Pie

There are two pies over here.  A chocolate and a coconut one.


This is getting ridiculous.


  1. I am loving this! One day.... I'll do the same. Keep it up girls - you're doing a great job. Throw those Kashi bars away!!!

  2. I have the weakness so I would definitely eat out! And why is free food always so fattening? But I LOVE Buzz cupcakes. That's a really nice work treat!

  3. This is not getting ridiculous! This is fun! I am impressed that two city girls are being so creative with what they have. Mimi would think you are wonderful to do this. And the two of you will be so glad that cupboard is cleaned out! Grab the other goodies when you can, but remember how nice that 10 poounds feels off your bod!

  4. Good call on the fresh chicken! No point in making your guests suffer too. Tougher economic times are needed to make them appreciate a "depression" meal.

    I could never take this challenge. My cupboards are always pitifully bare. I do have a box of those crumby Kashi bars though.

    P.S. Tickled to know the sad little emergency cupcake came to a good end.