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My response to the CRAZINESS that was my NYE blog (HA!)

Feb 18, 2010

In case you were wondering, I have not quit blogging.  I actually have been super busy the past month and a half and I just haven't had time, but fear not, faithful readers -- a new blog is in the works and will be posted soon!

Until then, I wanted to thank everyone for your support during the comment war of my NYE blog.  Turns out Sidekick stalked me -- no really, he got ahold of the invite list to the 6,000-person event we attended and somehow picked my name, not knowing my last name, off of it and then looked me up on Facebook and Twitter and who knows what else, found my blog, and then mass-forwarded it to his friends.  A part of me thought maybe I should be flattered?  But no, I was not. 

Some of the comments hurt, sure, but what I loved about it all is I didn't really have to fight that war one bit!  You guys fought it for me, and the outcome was hilarious, ridiculous, and ultimately made me feel like a superstar. 

To the guy who claimed he knows me and said what you know you said, I have a great idea of who you are, and you have been cut off (and by cut off I mean defriended from Facebook -- take that!). 

To the people who sent me their disgusting short stories, start your own blog, and please don't send me the link.

And to Chuck, thanks, but I won't be going on a date with you. 

And just so everyone knows, Sidekick, whose real name is Mark, and I emailed off the comment board and we both apologized for the things that were said on both sides.  So in the end we dug down deep and pulled out our inner adult. 

But don't worry, I stuffed it back down and have gotten myself into some interesting predicaments since then...


  1. I miss your face. And your blog posts.

  2. Yaaayyyy! Happy to hear you you're still alive, kicking and planning on blogging again soon :)

  3. Glad to see an update on the blog! Situation handled well. :)