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Cuckoo for CoCo

Sep 11, 2009

I feel I need to clear the air. I love everything "Twilight" (much to the chagrin -- that's a jab at Stephenie Meyer, if you haven't read the series -- of my youngest cousins). I do not, however, love everything vampire.

The new fall TV lineup has been all the buzz the last couple of weeks, and, while I admit to watching more than my fair share of TV, I was a little put off when I was talking to my friend Dave about all the shows we wanted to watch, and he assumed I'd be the biggest fan of "The Vampire Diaries" -- much like how I get annoyed every time Margaret tells me she's just not into Sci-Fi like I am because I like "LOST."

I did, however, watch the pilot of "The Vampire Diaries" for two reasons: 1) I needed an excuse to avoid cleaning my room; and 2) Boone from "LOST" is in it, and he is just so pretty. I should clarify, I only watched the first 45 minutes, because neither of the two aforementioned reasons could hold my attention any longer than that. Why? 1) I already read 2,000+ pages of vampire shenanigans in the "Twilight" series; and 2) Boone looks different now that he's a vampire.

My point is, I'm not into vampires or Sci-Fi! I'm just into Edward and Bella!

Well anyway...whilst watching "The Vampire Diaries," I became distracted (easily) by Twitter. I had a new follower, which isn't unusual because I get new followers every day (usually people selling something), but this one was interesting: Co Co. Sala.

Co Co. Sala is a fave eatery for Ashmi and me. We first discovered the chocolate-themed tapas restaurant earlier this year during Restaurant Week. Not everything is chocolate, like the shrimp and garlic mac and cheese, for instance, but they find ways to incorporate it (chocolate-covered bacon is my favorite).

Since we haven't spent as much time together lately (lately=several months...stupid boyfriend Raghav), we decided to have a little lady date at CoCo. The weather had just turned from unbearably hot to it's-such-a-nice-night, so we sat outside on the patio. Lucky for us, the person working the patio was Ihsan (rhymes with "Nissan," which is the only reason I can remember it), the Tunisian eye candy whose weird facial hair didn't bother me a bit (his accent made up for it). But, too bad for me, Ashmi looked super cute in jeans and a little jacket, and I was wearing a dumpy t-shirt with my hair back in a bun. Ihsan walked over to our table just as I was asking Ashmi what color I should dye my hair for autumn.

"Don't dye it red," he said.

"Really? That's what I was thinking of doing, actually."

"Red intimidates men," he said, smirking.

Ahsmi and I looked at each other and started laughing. "She already intimidates everyone, so it won't make a difference," she said.

"Apparently if you're tall and hold your shoulders back you're intimidating," I said.

"You forgot the gorgeous hair part," Ashmi pointed out. "You should see her hair when it's down."

Ihsan had been watching me the whole time. He looked me over thoughtfully then said, "I don't find you intimidating at all. I think you're...refreshing."

He then left to go get us CoCo Cojitos (that's a chocolate mojito and trust me, it's ammmmmmmazing). Ashmi and I were kind of taken aback by the interaction, since usually I am invisible to good looking men in social settings.

To my disappointment, Ihsan didn't flirt with me every chance he got. Instead, he was attentive to every table and actually did his job very well. Once we were finished with dinner I was beginning to think he'd realized I was either intimidating or too frumpy. Just as I began to feel sorry for myself, the manager interrupted my piteous train of thought.

"Ladies, how's everything?"

"Good, thanks!" we replied.

Now usually a manager checks on you, gets the "good, thanks!", and then moves on to the next table. But not this one. He lingered at our table for the next 15 minutes, telling us -- well, me, really -- all about the restaurant and how we needed to come more often.

"Do you have a business card?" he asked me after a little while.

"No, I actually just started a new job, so I don't have any."

"Oh," he said, looking down.

"Maybe Ashmi has one?" I said. He glanced her way, but before she could give him an answer he said, "You know, I'm not hitting on you. I would never do that. It's unprofessional."

Hmmm. So what you're saying is you are hitting on me but you're sensing I'm not into it? I thought. He kept talking to us, telling us where he lived, asking where I lived, worked, hung out, etc. It was awfully perplexing -- there I was, Ms. Frumpalicious, not even showcasing my signature hair, and there Ashmi was looking super hot, and I was getting all the attention! And not just attention, but this guy was getting flustered around me!

The manager finally realized he'd been hanging around our table too long, and he announced he must attend to the other patrons. A few minutes later Ihsan returned.

"Ihsan, where are you from?" I asked sweetly.

"Tunisia...and you?"

"Atlanta, Georgia. Ashmi's from North Carolina. We're Southern girls!"

Ihsan's eyes sparkled. "Southern girls are the best! Even in my country, they are down-to-earth. I like them the best here, too."

It was all Ashmi and I could do to not laugh out loud! For months I have been bemoaning how little attention I get from guys in DC, and all we had to do was go to CoCo!

The situation was further clarified by Raghav who later said, "You weren't trying, and therefore you gave off an air of not caring. Total turn-on."

But this presents a conundrum -- do I not do my hair anymore? My hair is my thing!

So back to Twitter...I'm not sure who is behind Co Co. Sala's account, but I'm guessing it's someone who had access to my bill, because I didn't have a business card to hand out. I don't know whether to be creeped out or flattered.

UPDATE: I highly suggest you go read the comments right now to be further amused.