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Spring is in the air

Mar 20, 2009

There are lots of signs that spring is coming: a grumpy groundhog (he's only given us an early spring 15 times!), rising temperatures (I'm talkin' 40s), light rainfalls (mixed with sleet), birds appearing (and pooping on my car), and trees budding (inducing post-winter bronchitis from the pollen). Despite my cynicism, there's one unique thing that lets me know spring is coming and never fails to lift my mood -- my early-April birthday.

I associate spring with cake and presents, but of course as you get older all that hoopla dies down and it becomes more of a OMG-I'm-another-year-older-and-still-have-no-boyfriend/career/place of my own/general life direction thing. I got lucky, though. My adorable baby nephew was born two days after me (well, two days and 25 years). That takes the spotlight off me a little.

I complain about growing older, but the other day I actually found myself envying my friend Anne who will turn 30 this year. I thought, a woman in her 30s must be very comfortable in her skin and surely out of debt. Surely. That brings me to another terrible subject, which is that I was rejected three times this week for a credit card debt transfer. Ne-Yo sings about the independent woman who "pays her bills on time." Well I do! But I don't feel very independent. But 30...30 will be different.

For now, though, I am existing in time and space as a 20-something with no boyfriend (despite all my online and speed dating efforts in conjunction with smiling and saying hello to every man I see), unsure of where my career is headed (although I am grateful to have a job!), a mean landlord (Shenneah...grrrrr...), and no clue what comes next.

But, no matter how hard I try to feel sorry for myself, spring is in the air, and I will always associate it with happiness, aka cake!


  1. Mary El =) this is such a cute blog! i have really missed you these years you have been gone. you don't know how much it meant to me when we got to know eachother and get close. so i'm very glad i can read these and see whats new with you. i can't believe you are going to be thirty soon- that is just CARAZZZZY and doesn't make sense. neither does the boyfriend thing. girrl he is gonna be one lucky man when he comes riding in on his white horse. just you wait :)

    everything is coming alive here again, with all the colors and warmth! i'm looking forward to the spring too. and yes cake brings happiness to me as well!
    hope you have a lovely weekend


  2. I love this! Exactly how I feel...

  3. I don't know if DC will get that haze of yellow pollen. It turns everything that lovely shade of yellow. And as you drive on the highway, you see this cloud of yellow coming off of the car in front of you.

  4. i'm pretty sure that happiness will always equal cake. unless something crazy happens to the natural order of the world. maybe the new creation will be different?

  5. Write again soon, roomie! :)