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Our Dream

Nov 21, 2008

Ashmi and I (Mary El) have decided to start a blog about our lovely little life in D.C. and, more interestingly, our fantasies, which usually include cupcakes and shoes, hence the title of our page.

It all began with a conversation between Ashmi and a coworker. He aksed her if she could do anything, what would she do. Her response: "Open a shoe store that serves cupcakes."

Although I wasn't present to witness this moment of absolute genius, I agreed that, yes, opening a shoe/cupcake boutique would be a wonderful dream come true. I suggested, why not serve champagne as well? Just imagine it...trying on designer shoes (purple suede with patent leather would be my downfall), sampling our latest cupcake creations (most likely including chocolate somewhere in there), and sipping on a little bubbly (probably pink -- I mean, why not?)...and of course our shop would be in Old Town, Alexandria, a mere 10-minute walk from our Carlyle apartments. Dogs would be allowed in -- OBVIOUSLY -- and I'm sure we would sell shoes, cupcakes, and bubbly of some sort for them as well.

Our days would be filled with giggles, yummies, and pink. Now doesn't that sound like a world you would like to live in?

So as I sit here in my drab, big government building and dream of a better life, I invite you to dream with us, and maybe enjoy a little of our reality, as well.

-Mary El